26. May 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Tracy, Women's Fiction (chick lit)

Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray, 246 pages, read by Tracy, on 05/26/2012

If you’ve ever gone to a store or restaurant and felt like you were invisible then you can relate to this book. Clover is in her mid 50’s and when she looked in the mirror one day and she had vanished. The strange thing is that no one noticed. Her husband and kids didn’t notice because she did all the things they expected her to do but they never really looked at her. When she saw an ad in the paper for a monthly meeting of invisible women she realized she wasn’t alone. All the women had one thing in common. They had taken several drugs from one pharmaceutical company for depression, menopause and calcium deficiency. Although Clover found out being invisible wasn’t all bad, she could eavesdrop on people, it was not going away. In the end the women gathered together to bring down the pharmacy and let the world know what they were doing. I kept waiting for Clover to reappear when she was out in public because she usually wore no clothes. But luckily it never happened.

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