10. October 2013 · Comments Off · Categories: Angie, Children's Books, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction

Call Me Oklahoma! by Miriam Glassman, 123 pages, read by Angie, on 10/09/2013

Paige Turner is tired of her name. She now wants to be known as Oklahoma. She wants to be as spunky and independent as her cousin and she doesn’t want to be picked on anymore at school. The name change is easier said than done. Her brother and parents can’t seem to remember and she gets teased more than ever. Her friends support her, but soon her bid for independence causes a riff with her best friend Gavi. There is nothing really wrong with this little book, but I did think the whole name change to Oklahoma was a little ridiculous. Mean girl Viveca’s actions were also never really explained or resolved. I wish there was a little more meat to this one.

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