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Bridge of Dreams (Ephemera #3) by Anne Bishop, 448 pages, read by Angie, on 05/12/2012

Bridge of Dreams picks up after the events of Belladonna. Lee is trying to deal with the fact that Belladonna has come back but is not the same person she once was. She is now split into her dark and light side (Glorianna and Belladonna). He finds that he resents Michael and doesn’t quite resonate with Belladonna anymore. Then he is attacked and forced to flee from her landscapes. He ends up in Vision, a place far from any where he has ever known. He is under the control of the wizards who torture and blind him and eventually take him to an asylum where he comes under the care of Danyal. The wizards don’t know it but this is his salvation for Danyal is a Shaman, a Voice of the World. Lee also meets Sholeh Zeela a Zhahar, a Tryad, a woman who is three aspects in one person each with their own body (but in the same body too; it is kind of confusing). Under their care Lee starts to heal and they realize that Vision is under the influence of the wizards. They must find a way to stop them from turning Vision into a dark place, to save the light and to save Sholeh Zeela a Zhahar’s homeland of Tryadia as well.

I was extremely glad to find out that there was another book in the Ephemera series. I love Anne Bishop’s books; her world building is top notch. She creates such unique worlds that are rich and lush and full of surprises. Lee has always been a character that has been in the background of her other books so it was interesting to bring him to the front. He is a strong man and a powerful one in this world who learns that he has more power than he thought. I think I liked the introduction of the new characters of Danyal and Sholeh Zeela a Zhahar the most though. Danyal because he was a new kind of Guide and landscaper who was coming into his power. Sholeh Zeela a Zhahar was just fascinating. Trying to figure out how the whole three people sharing a body but having their own bodies worked was really complex and hurt my head sometimes but I loved it.

If I have to nitpick this book I will say that I think the ending was a bit rushed. We don’t know what really happens to anyone. What is going to happen to the Tryads? How are Lee and Sholeh Zeela a Zhahar going to have a relationship? (that is the one I really want to know!) Will Lee ever be a true bridge again? I wish we would have had a few more chapters to learn about these people, but I am hoping that Bishop is now focusing on this world and more books are forthcoming. So maybe my questions will be answered.

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