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Brendan Buckley's Sixth-Grade Experiment by Sundee T. Frazier, 288 pages, read by Angie, on 09/19/2013

Brendan is starting junior high. He likes science and keeps a science notebook to record his findings and thoughts. He meets Morgan, a girl who has been homeschooled but is now going to junior high. Morgan latches on to Brendan despite his best efforts to shake her off. They get paired together for a science experiment involving manure. Brendan is also having problems with his dad and his best friend. He has to navigate the waters of junior high, friends and girls and manage to keep his head above water.

This is an interesting exploration of the life of a junior high science geek. I liked how complicated Brendan’s life is. He had to deal with a lot of different issues including his confusing feelings towards Morgan. This is a time in a boy’s life when things aren’t so simple anymore. Girls become interesting, friends can change, parents start to act differently. Poor Brendan! The science aspect of the book was interesting and I liked all the information given at the end about different ways to find information about the science in the book. I am not sure this book will resonate with all readers, but I think it definitely has its place and will be a gem to some.

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