10. November 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Food, Literary Fiction, Tracy

Bordeaux by Paul Torday, 308 pages, read by Tracy, on 11/09/2012

This is a very sad story. Wilberforce has worked years developing his own software business. His finance manager Andy tells him he needs to find some friends and have some fun. Life isn’t all about work. While driving home one day he passes a wine merchant’s store and since he knows nothing about wine decides to stop in. He meets Francis Black and his friends and is encouraged to do some tasting. From that moment on his life changes, first for the better, but later for the worse. Francis has thousands of bottles of wine and no heirs to leave them to. He asks Wilberforce to take on this responsibility.  Wilberforce agrees but then becomes an alcoholic, although he says he just enjoys drinking wine.  I think Wilberforce was lonely and really needed friends but he didn’t realize he would become obsessed with wine. Sad story.

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