17. April 2013 · 1 comment · Categories: Children's Books, Claudia, Fiction, Poetry

Book Speak: Poems about books by Laura Purdie Salas, 32 pages, read by Claudia, on 04/16/2013

This is a very whimsical children’s poetry book about books with fun titles like “Calling all Readers,” “A Character Pleads for his Life,” “On the Shelf and Under the Bed,” “Paper Sky, Bookplate,” and “I’ve got this covered” just to name a few. ┬áCharacters plead for sequels, book jackets strut their stuff, and we get a sneak peek at the raucous parties in the aisles when all the lights go out at the bookstore! My daughter and I took turns reading the twenty-one poems aloud to each other and found ourselves giggling until the very end.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing BookSpeak! I’m really glad you and your daughter enjoyed it:>)