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Bonobo Handshake by Vanessa Woods, 278 pages, read by Melody, on 03/25/2012

I had to read this book after reading Kira’s cryptic comment in her post about bonobo handshakes.  Not what I would have guessed.  I actually have read about bonobos and knew that they are, compared to their cousins the chimpanzees, very peaceful and cooperative, choosing to solve their conflicts with sex, not violence.  What I knew less about is the situation in their home range in Congo.  I only really knew that Congo is a place where terrible people do terrible things.  The book is a memoir of Vanessa Wood who marries a primatologist who moves her to Congo to study the bonobos.  Woods falls in love both with the apes and the people in this complex country.  Good book for both a students of animals and geopolitics.  And as to what a bonobo handshake is, read the book and find out.

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  1. MRRL Staff says:

    I’m glad that you enjoyed it Melody – I’ll have to make more cryptic comments to get you to read all of my books :)