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Bliss (The Bliss Bakery #1) by Kathryn Littlewood, 374 pages, read by Angie, on 07/13/2012

The Bliss Family Bakery offers wonderful baked treats with a bit of magic. Mr. and Mrs. Bliss are called away to help fight a mysterious flu in a neighboring town and they leave the Bliss children in charge of the bakery. Thyme, Rosemary, Sage and Parsley (Leigh) have varying reactions to being left alone with the bakery to run, but you know that disaster is going to loom. They have one rule…no magic. And of course that just makes the magic that much more tempting. Then comes a mysteries Aunt Lily into the picture to seduce them all and tempt them with more magic. What follows is magical mayhem.

This was a fun, magical story. The Bliss kids all have their own unique personalities that shine throughout the book; although Rose is really our heroine. She is the one that struggles with Lily’s seduction, but is very tempted by the magic. I thought the magical mayhem was really fun and a bit crazy. That backwards spell was pretty unusual. However, Lily always seem to play a little one-dimensional to me. Even when she was being nice you always knew she had other motives. The ending wasn’t really a surprise after all the set up of Lily being the villain. I think book two should be pretty interesting after the end of this one. Definitely a fun series to watch.

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