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Blink & Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones, 345 pages, read by Courtney, on 02/03/2013

Blink has been living on the streets long enough to know that he can get a great breakfast by hanging around fancy hotels in the morning when people leave their room service remains outside the door for housekeeping. It’s not a bad method of eating and Blink is hungry. Just as he’s about to tuck into some leftovers, he hears a commotion coming from a nearby hotel room. Blink hides across the hall and watches to see what will happen. As it turns out, he isn’t sure what he’s witnessing, so perplexed is he by the demeanor of the men coming out of the room. One of the men tosses his key over his shoulder on the way out and Blink uses it to let himself into the hotel room, which strongly resembles a crime scene with no body. Blink finds a wallet stuffed with cash and a Blackberry left behind. Between these two items, Blink figures out that a very wealthy man is involved but that things are not adding up somehow. When he decides to answer the ringing Blackberry to let the man’s daughter know that her father is unharmed, he discovers that everyone believes this man to have been kidnapped. Blink knows that’s not the case and feels the need to pursue it further.
Caution has been living with her drug dealer boyfriend after running away from home. She considers this abusive relationship to be her penance for an undisclosed incident. She understands that her situation will likely kill her, but she hardly cares. When she discovers that she’s been cheated on, she steals some money from the guy and hits the road, looking over her shoulder the whole time.
Blink and Caution meet at the train station where Blink is preparing to go visit the daughter of the missing businessman. Caution cons Blink and steals his money, but feels so guilty that she returns it and joins Blink on his investigation. Together, the two of them slowly learn what it means to trust somebody and to have someone “have your back”.
The kidnapping plot gets a bit confusing, but the real focus here is on the characters. The narrative style is unique and trades off between Blink and Caution, who are both not only believable, but charming in their own ways. Readers will be rooting for the two as the action picks up and will be rewarded by an ending that doesn’t insult their intelligence.

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