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Blank Confession by Pete Hautman, 170 pages, read by Angie, on 01/02/2013

Shayne Blank has confessed to murdering someone. His confession is slowly revealed throughout the book as he tells his story. It is the story of his new friend Mikey who is being bullied by high school drug dealer Jon Brande. It is the story of Marie, Mikey’s sister and Jon’s girlfriend. It is the story of bullying and drug abuse. It is also the story of friendship. Shayne confesses to murder but did he really do it? And who is Shayne?

This little book definitely grabs your attention and holds it throughout the story. The chapters alternate between Mikey’s story and Shayne’s confession. We don’t know who died (or did they) until the end of the book and the suspense is well done. I really enjoyed Mikey who is a small high school kid who wears suits like armor and who uses his smart mouth like a sword. Shayne is a mysterious character whose back story changes with each telling. I liked their friendship even if it only lasted a few weeks. This is a very compelling story and a quick read.

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