05. November 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Thriller/Suspense, Tracy

Black Fridays by Michael Sears, 341 pages, read by Tracy, on 11/05/2012

Jason Stafford has made some bad choices in his life. One of them got him a prison sentence, he took the fall for a bad trade deal at his Wall Street job. The other was marrying a super model with no clue how to handle money or a relationship. After he did his time he decides to take care of his autistic son since his ex is incapable. He gets hired as a consultant at another Wall Street firm when one of the traders is murdered. It gets interesting when he is followed by the FBI and his ex wife’s new husband attacks him. I really like this story and the author, who is a former Wall Street director, does a good job of explaining the ins and outs of this stressful job without making it too complicated. Jason tries to find a way to communicate with his son and try to live a normal life.  I’m happy to find a new author to follow.

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