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Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine, 416 pages, read by Brian, on 02/01/2013

Rachel Caine has released her 13th book in Morganville Vampire series.  I found every book to be entertaining and suspenseful. Morganville is a small dusty Texas town where humans and vampires coexist, sort of, in a bare minimum way.  In this chapter of the series the town is recovering from the draug, a parasitic enemy of the vampires and humans alike.  Now the draug is gone the vampires feel free to rule the town.  Humans feel they need to take up arms and free themselves from vampire rule.  To add to the mayhem, a television crew come to town to film a ghost hunter show.

With many book series, the longer it goes, the worst it gets and you hope the author will put an end to it.  Rachel Caine has written a series in which you finish a book and can hardly wait until the next one.


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