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Between Here and Forever by Elizabeth Scott, 250 pages, read by Angie, on 03/02/2013

Tess was a shining star. Everyone loved and adored her. She was always the center of attention and loved it. She did have her dark side but no one except her family ever saw that. Tess is now in a coma after a tragic car accident. She was the planet her family revolved around and they aren’t functioning well now that she isn’t there. Abby is Tess’s little sister. She has always been in her shadow. She isn’t as pretty or popular or well-loved as Tess and she knows it. Abby just wants Tess to wake up and things to go back to normal. She thinks the key is Eli. She knows Tess moved when he spoke so she enlists his help to wake Tess. She is sure the extraordinarily beautiful Eli will love Tess and she will love him. The only problem is her burgeoning feelings for him and his absolute disinterest in Tess.

I love Elizabeth Scott’s books. They are always dark and depressing but very real. They are definitely not for everyone. This book was a little harder to read than some of the others mainly because of Abby. Abby has extremely low self-esteem and it comes out in everything she does. She believes she is not worthy of anything, that Tess is perfect and she will never compare. Eli is clearly interested in her and she just keeps pushing him on Tess. She doesn’t think she deserves happiness or love. It makes it hard to read about someone who is so down on themselves. Despite that I did like Abby and her journey through this book. She is deep in denial and self-loathing but she is interesting. I like that Scott tackled so many issues in this book (racism, OCD, sexuality, self-esteem, teen pregnancy, death). I thought the ending was a bit abrupt. I really would have liked to have more closure, but sometimes in life you don’t get a happy ending or even a satisfying one.

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