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Beneath This Man by Jodi Malpas, 523 pages, read by Nikki, on 02/14/2013

51E4FpUrQqL._SL500_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-big,TopRight,35,-73_OU01_SS500_Ava has finally got the strength to leave Jesse. She’s left him drunk in his luxury apartment and hasn’t spoken to him for 5 days. She is trying to move on from Jesse but having a hard time doing it. Her friends finally convince her to go to Jesse’s apartment so they can check on her, since she’s the only one with the elevator code to his apartment. Once they get inside they find Jesse has drank himself into a coma. She stays to take care of Jesse and they eventually get back together, but not without a LOT of bumps in the road.

If you read my last post of the first book in this series then you’re probably wondering why in the hell I read the second one. Well I don’t know…actually I do know, because the sex scenes in the first book were so incredibly amazing that I had to see what they were like in the second book, and when the third book comes out, I’ll read that one for the sex scenes too. Because I sure as hell am not reading it because I like the two main characters. Jesse is a control freak to the extreme! And Ava is like a scared little puppy who won’t stand up for herself. I swear if these were real people I would smack the s**t out of these people! I mean really, where is the appeal in this relationship besides the sex? They’re so completely dysfunctional it makes me dizzy.

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