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Beneath the Meth Moon by Jacqueline Woodson, 192 pages, read by Nikki, on 04/21/2012

Laurel Daneau has lost her mother and grandmother in a hurricane in the south and her and her daddy and little brother Jessie are moving up north to continue on in their lives. Laurel meets her first friend Kaylee and joins the cheerleading team with her at her new school. Laurel meets T-Boom, the co-caption of the basketball team, who quickly becomes her boyfriend. T-Boom introduces Laurel to the “moon” (meth). Once Laurel does the moon she instantly feels so free, free of guilt, free of sadness, that she quickly becomes addicted to the moon.

Laurel eventually becomes so addicted to the moon that she runs away and lives on the streets begging for money to pay for her habit. On the streets she meets a graffiti artist name Moses who tries to help her get off the moon.

This book for me gave me more insight on addiction and how differently people handle or deal with life situations. The way the story was told was so personal and you felt like you were right there next to her watching her go through it all.

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