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Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire, 432 pages, read by Nikki, on 09/28/2012

Abby Abernathy has just moved away from home to go to college. She is beginning a new life where no one knows her but her best friend America. Soon Abby meets Travis Maddox, who is exactly what she is trying to avoid. Travis is a tattooed ladies man, who spends his nights fighting in secret boxing matches and is constantly moving from one girl to the next with no regrets. Of course Abby resists Travis’s charms, which intrigues Travis. So then it becomes a cat and mouse game between the two both never wanting to reveal how they truly feel.

I did enjoy this book, because mostly I love a good love story. However, this one had a little to much jealousy and controlling issues for me to stomach. I thought the book was written well, but the end seemed to be rushed. There is a second book coming out called Walking Disaster, which I will read because even though the relationship seemed a little out of control I do enjoy watching a train wreck.

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