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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia, 563 pages, read by Brian, on 06/03/2013

Beautiful Creatures is an award winning teen book that has been made into a major motion picture. Lena Duchannes moves to the small town of Gatlin to live her uncle.  Lena is special, she has powers and she is trying hard to control her powers.  You see, Lena is 15 and when she becomes 16 she will be “claimed” for either the side of good or the side of bad.  Ethan Wate is a6304335 lifer in Gatlin and wants to do nothing else but to move far far way from his home town.  Ethan has dreams every night of girl and when he meets Lena he realizes she is that girl.  This is a love story which has good characters, fantasy and a cool library.


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