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Barn Boot Blues by Catherine Friend , 142 pages, read by Angie, on 08/23/2012

Taylor is new to the farm. Her parents packed up and moved to the country from Minneapolis and Taylor is not having fun. Her dad still commutes over an hour and is never home. Her mom is trying to learn how to run the farm and is always busy. And Taylor has had one misadventure/embarrassing incident after another: she wore barn boots to the first day of school, showed up to school with chicken poop in her hair, wore a skirt that didn’t fit into the school dresscode. Taylor has had enough with farm life even if she does like some of the animals. She hatches a plot to get her parents off the farm and back in the city, but will she really want to leave?

This was a fun, light read. Taylor is a wonderful character and seems very true to life. I loved all the animal antics and embarrassing moments. And some of the kids at school remind me of ones I went to school with. I think young readers will laugh or cringe at Taylor’s mishaps, but cheer with her during the triumphs.

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