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Barely Breathing by Rebecca Donovan, 420 pages, read by Nikki, on 03/26/2013

Barely BreathingEmma Thomas has died after a brutal beating and attempted murder by her aunt. Now everyone in Weslyn knows about her secret she desperately tried to keep from everyone. She tried to keep the abuse she endured by her aunt so that her niece and nephew would never have to be without both parents like she had when she was younger. Now that her life is slowly getting back to normal, and the whispering and staring is winding down, Emma has to make a decision about her mother. Her mother who left her with her aunt and uncle 5 years ago, is trying to work her way back into Emma’s life.

I enjoyed seeing Emma evolve in Reason to Breath, in Barely Breathing it’s like she has a harder time struggling to live a normal life than she did surviving an abusive life. She seems to be very self destructive in this book, and has no clue how her actions affect the people around her. It was very frustrating and again the end of this book leaves you hanging just like the first one. I thought for sure this book would end well, but of course it doesn’t. Now to wait for the third and hopefully last book of this series…*sigh*

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