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Atlantis Rising by T.A. Barron, 384 pages, read by Angie, on 12/23/2013

We all know the story of Atlantis and its destructive end. Many stories have told that tale; however, few have told the beginning of the story. How did Atlantis come to be and what made it so special? Barron takes on that story in Atlantis Rising. In this version of the Atlantis story there is a magical land called Ellegandia. It is a country on the tip of Africa, but separated from the rest of the world by impenetrable cliffs and oceans. It is a land connected to the spirit realm and protected by it. Like in any good story there are villains. In this case, the religious elite are power hungry and greedy. Grukkar is a high priest and wants to rule the world and bring about change in the spirit realm. It is up to Promi, a street thief, and Atlanta, a girl with forest magic, to save the world. They must battle evil both on earth and in the spirit realm. They must figure out the meaning of a prophecy that seems to point to Promi. They must also find a way to stop the invading army and the blight on the forest that Grukkar has brought about.

I thought this book was interesting. I liked the different take on the Atlantis story; however, I thought it went a little long. I didn’t connect with characters and I thought the villain was very one dimensional and like so many others I have read about. I wanted a bit tighter story as I found myself getting bored and wanting the action to move a little quicker. I did appreciate the fact that the ending was not your typical happy ever after. Of course things turn out great, but not perfect and you know disaster is in Altantis’s future at some point. This would make a good series showing the history of Atlantis from beginning to end.

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