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Ashfall (Ashfall #1) by Mike Mullin , 466 pages, read by Angie, on 01/28/2012

I am a sucker for a disaster…whether it is a disaster movie or a disaster book. I just love seeing the world end. So a book about Yellowstone volcano exploding was right up my alley. I actually thought this book was pretty good. The situations and characters seemed pretty realistic. That is always a testament to a good disaster…whether it is realistic and whether you can see yourself in the situations.

I haven’t really studied up on what would happen if Yellowstone blows, but I did see a History Channel special on it once and it seems like what the book describes is pretty accurate…ash rainy down, booming explosions, darkness, strange weather, etc. And as we have seen on smaller scales human beings react in different ways during disasters so I think the human reactions in the book could very well happen as well. You would probably have those people who would be out to take what they can, those just trying to survive, and those who want to help. And then the evil crazy ones who are either trying to hurt as many people as they can or make as much profit from the disaster as they can. It takes all kinds.

The main characters in this book, Alex and Darla, seem like they would have been regular teens before the disaster but they become very resilient at surviving. I think they are great characters. I like that they aren’t perfect, they make mistakes (like giving away most of their food), they fight with each other, they don’t trust immediately, they also don’t fall in love immediately (or jump right into sex!), but they stick together and make things work, they are resourceful. They are the kinds of people you want to have around you in this type of situation and the types of characters you want to read about as well.

Overall, this was a good disaster book. The ending was a little on the weak side but it didn’t leave it open for the sequel which I look forward to reading.

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