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As I Wake by Elizabeth Scott, 269 pages, read by Angie, on 12/23/2012

I am definitely a fan of Elizabeth Scott; I have loved everything I have read of hers. Everything she writes is different, evocative, and intriguing. This book was confusing and annoying at times but I could not put it down.

Ava wakes not knowing where she is or who she is. She is told that she has amnesia and introduced to her mother Jane. Eva does not recognize her mother nor anything about her life. She does have memories and flashes of another Ava and another life. These memories are of a world under surveillance the world where nothing is private and everything is known by the government. In that world Ava is a listener who spies for the government. These memories bring on headaches and confusion and does the appearance of Morgan someone from her memories.

This story is told from Ava’s point of view and because she doesn’t know everything we do not know everything. The book is a confusing mix of this world and the dystopian world of Ava’s memories. Scott never tells the whole story. We are left wondering what exactly is going on. Is it parallel universes, time travel, or something else? This book is not for your average reader. the text is sparse and the narrative bare. If you are a reader who likes to know what is going on you will probably not enjoy this book; however, if you like an interesting story and bit of confusion this just might be the books for you.

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