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Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol , 221 pages, read by Andrea, on 08/27/2012

Think back to the good old days of high school. Wouldn’t you love to have the answers to the exams, to know when the principal was coming around the corner while sneaking cigarettes or a forbidden cell phone? Anya has that and more. After falling into an uncovered well in the park while trying to cut class, Anya finds herself trapped and, surprisingly, not alone. Lacking in the friend department, Anya is pretty desperate for companionship. Finding a ghost in the bottom of a well who looks like she could be a pretty good friend is not really the type of friend Anya had in mind, but when her new friend helps her find a way out of the well, their frienship starts to blossom. However, as time passes, Anya begins to wonder just how literally her new friend means to take the title BFF.

Very interesting book. I actually found myself really creeped out with the ghost’s obsessive, maniacal behavior. A good read, I think Brosgol did a good job convincing the reader (well at least me) that it is ok to be a little quirky and not be exactly like everyone else. It is normal to feel a twinge of jealousy for someone as well. But it is very important to remember that someone you envy may have more problems than you think and, in all actuality, he or she may be wishing for your life. That message is so important in my opinion.

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