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Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake, 316 pages, read by Angie, on 02/09/2012

I do enjoy when a book is unique and Anna Dressed in Blood is unique; it has broken out of the paranormal pack and definitely stands out in a good way. It is the story of ghosthunter Cas who moves around a lot because his job is killing ghosts just like his father before him and his father before him. You might say he is in the family business. His mom is a white witch who helps him out and doesn’t mind moving for his job. His current job is Anna Dressed in Blood. She is supposed to have killed a lot of people and Cas decides it is time to put a stop to her. Things don’t go quite as he planned and he ends up making friends and staying longer than intended. He finds that he doesn’t want to kill Anna; he likes her and he wants to help her. After learning her backstory and how she died you as the reader don’t really want him to kill her either! Then comes the real big bad of the book and the big battle at the end…good storytelling and an excellent finish.

I thought this book was a real page turner. I LOVED the character of Anna. She was excellent…you loved her, you hated her, you were scared of her, you wanted to help her. Her backstory was horrible and you could literally feel the conflict coming out of the pages. Great writing. I also loved the supporting characters: Carmel, Thomas, Cas’s mom and Thomas’ grandfather. All a great Scooby gang. Cas I thought was great. I got hints of the Winchester boys from Supernatural (tv show) from him throughout the book. He kind of had that tough as nails, I’m not a normal human attitude throughout. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but it was interesting. I thought the big bad at the end was great and I am not going to spoil it with details but I loved the finish of this book.

I wish this was a stand alone novel because I think it ended great. I am not sure where the author is going to take this with a series and it is a bit worrying, but read this book because it is excellent.

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