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Andi Unexpected by Amanda Flower, 224 pages, read by Angie, on 09/28/2013

Andi and her sister Bethany have to move in with their aunt Amelia after their parents die in a plane crash. The grieving sisters are forced to leave their home and friends and everything they know. Aunt Amelia lives in the home she grew up in in rural Ohio. Andi and Bethany are forced to share a room until Andi starts cleaning out the attic. She discovers a mysterious trunk with things that belonged to another Andora Boggs. Andi and her friend Colin start investigating Andora to discover why her things were hidden away and why no one will talk about her. They are not they only ones looking into the Andora story. There is a history professor from the local college who is also interested.

What could be better than the mystery of a depression era baby who goes missing? I liked how the book was structured as Andi and Colin built their case. They were true investigators and I can see this book becoming a series. I really liked how Andi and Bethany were shown grieving differently. I do think Bethany’s grief was a little more obvious than Andi’s. She quickly became immersed in the Andora mystery and didn’t seem to think about her parents as much. I wish Amelia’s character was a little more fleshed out as she seemed barely there. But overall, I really liked this book and its mystery.

I received an advanced copy of this book from both Netgalley and ALA 2013.

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