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Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart by Candace Fleming, 128 pages, read by Angie, on 02/15/2012

Amelia Lost is definitely a fact based biography on Amelia Earhart, but it reads almost like a novel. It alternates between the story of her life and the last hours of her life when she was supposed to land on Howland Island and never did. Her life story is very interesting and in reading it I found that as a person I don’t really like Amelia Earhart. Is that bad to say? She has always seemed like a larger than life figure and a pioneer for women. And she certainly was. But she was also reckless and always kept her image in mind. She had an affair with a married man (she later married him but still). She didn’t really know how to use her radio when she set off on her around the world flight…could that have caused her problems at the end??? The book doesn’t speculate on what happened to her it just gives us the facts as they are known so you will have to look at other sources for the speculation. I do love how Fleming has pieced together her history and the history of her last hours through all the radio transmissions…which I found fascinating. Who knew you could pick up radio transmissions from the Pacific in Florida? I love all the details Fleming included in the book and the fact that she did keep it straight facts. You are left to form your own opinions. I think the readability of this book will make it a great biography for kids looking for more information on Amelia Earhart. It is certainly not dry or boring and Earhart is always a fascinating mystery of history.

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