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All That's Missing by Sarah Sullivan , 368 pages, read by Angie, on 09/24/2013

Arlo is an orphan who lives with his grandpa, Poppo. Poppo’s memory is not so good anymore. He wonders about and forgets things a lot. Poppo has a stroke and ends up in the hospital; Arlo ends up in a group home. He decides to run away and find his grandma, Ida Jones. Ida lives in Edgewater, Virginia, so Arlo hops a bus for the 350 mile trip. He hasn’t seen Ida since he was 2 years old when his parents died. There were hard feelings between Ida and her husband and Poppo. But Ida is happy to see Arlo and takes him in. He settles into Edgewater, makes new friends and starts learning more about his father. He still thinks about Poppo, who he talks to on the phone, and worries about living so far from him. Ida had planned on selling her house and moving to a retirement community, but all that changed when Arlo arrived. The prospective buyer, Mr. Grainger, is pretty insistent however and starts causing trouble for Ida.

There aren’t a lot of books like this with a kid dealing with a grandparent’s Alzheimer’s. I enjoyed the fact that even without parents Arlo had a loving family who really wanted what was best for him. The mystery surrounding Mr. Grainger was interesting and surprising. I also really enjoyed Arlo’s new friend Maywood. I liked her family and her obsession with ghosts. I also like that the supernatural occurrences were not explained. We don’t know what really happened, if anything happened or if it was all in Arlo’s imagination. Good story and mystery.

I received this book from Netgalley.com.

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