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Advent by James Treadwell, 450 pages, read by Tracy, on 08/05/2012

I haven’t read a lot of fantasy novels but this one sounded good. It was a little confusing at first since it went back and forth in time. The present time was easier to follow but when I got half way through things started to make sense. Gavin Stokes is fifteen and has what his parents call an imaginary friend Miss Grey. When his Aunt Gwen invites him to spend a week with her at Pendurra an estate in the country, he meets a lady on the train who apparently can see Miss Grey also. When he arrives Aunt Gwen is missing. The chapters that go to the past involve a box with a mirror and a ring that contains all the magic in the world. The owner Johann Faust loses the box in a ship wreck close to Pendurra. As you can see by the cover there is a large scarey bird in the story also. This is the first of a trilogy.

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