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Adaptation by Malinda Lo, 400 pages, read by Angie, on 03/22/2013

Reese and David are in Phoenix waiting to fly home to San Francisco after a debate. While in the airport they hear reports of flocks of birds causing multiple planes to crash. All flights are grounded and they decide to drive home. There are road blocks, traffic jams and violence. Their journey ends in the Nevada desert when a bird causes their car to crash. They wake up a month later in a secret military facility. Their injuries are miraculously healed, but they are not allowed to know where they are or what happened to them. Once they get home stranger things happen. They appear to have strange abilities and it seems that they are being watched.

Back in San Francisco, Reese connects with her best friend Julien who has all kinds of conspiracy theories about what happened really brought the planes down, what the government is covering up and where Reese and David might have been kept. Then Reese meets mysterious Amber and automatically has a connection with her. Their relationship is immediate and intense. Reese has to come to terms with the fact that she is bisexual when she has never had any desire to date previously. She also still has feelings for David that are unexplored.

Then things really ramp up when Reese, David and Julien discover more about what has been happening. David and Reese are taken back into military custody and discover the truth about everything.

There are aspects of this book that are scifi thriller at its best. I love the whole secret military installations, the conspiracy, the aliens (you knew there had to be aliens right?), the secret medical experiments. The first part and the ending of the book were pure scifi thriller. I loved it. The middle part really slowed down. It was all about personal introspection and romance. During this section Reese was figuring out who she is and what she wants. She was exploring her sexuality with Amber and trying to figure out her feelings for David. She was also exploring her new found abilities. I have to admit that this part dragged a bit for me. I didn’t mind the love triangle. I thought it was different and fresh to have a bisexual main character and I thought that part was really well done. I just wish the three sections of the book were integrated a little better.

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