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A Wounded Name by Dot Hutchison, 320 pages, read by Courtney, on 01/28/2014

I believe this is officially the 4th or 5th Hamlet retelling I’ve read and it’s one of the better ones. Summarizing the plot here is kind of pointless, because it’s Hamlet told from Ophelia’s point of view. What might be more helpful is to highlight some of the choices made in this adaptation. First off: the setting. Elsinore has gone from castle to elite boarding school with Hamlet Sr. as the headmaster. Overall, it works. It’s insular enough to evoke the same claustrophobic feel of Elsinore castle. Then there are the characters: Ophelia, everyone’s favorite girl-gone-crazy, evidently nearly drowned as a child and has since been seeing ghosts, bean sidhe and the morgens (of which her late mother is one). It does add another dimension to poor Ophelia, but ultimately doesn’t do her any favors. The timing of the plotline is more or less the same, though this one starts a bit earlier – right after the death of Hamlet Sr.
The narrative is very stylized and tends to incorporate actual phrasing from the original text where it fits. Overall, it works pretty well. The pace is rather slow, so patience will be required on the reader’s behalf. The writing is lyrical, though occasionally repetitive, which might turn some readers off. I personally was on the fence with this one. At times, I really loved it and then at others, I found myself getting sick of the whole thing. No real surprises here, but still an interesting take on a classic.

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