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A Rocky Mountain Christmas by William. W. Johnstone, 385 pages, read by Tracy, on 12/14/2012

It’s almost Christmas in the year 1889 in the Rocky Mountains. A train is on the way to Red Cliff with several passengers. Among them is two prisoners, one a real outlaw and the other the victim of a judge who is on the wrong side of the law. When the half brother of Santinelli, the outlaw, hires four men to stop the train and rescue him they don’t realize there is a lot of snow above the tracks. When they shoot their guns at the engineer the sound causes an avalanche. The train is stuck and the bad guys are in the car with all the food. They refuse to share with the rest of the passengers. A rescue train is sent but can’t get past the snow. Matt Jensen is aboard also and his friends Smoke Jensen and Duff MacCallister attempt to rescue the passengers and bring them food. William W. Johnstone has written a lot of westerns with The Preacher, a mountain man, as the main character. It’s said that he is dead but he somehow helps the rescuers find the train and save the passengers. Nice Christmas story.

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