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A Good American by Alex George, 613 pages, read by Janet, on 11/19/2012

  Having a German heritage, I really enjoyed this story about a young couple who escaped from their family and home in Germany before the war by coming to America in 1904.  Frederick and Jette arrived in New Orleans with just the bags they could carry, a possible job to look for, a small amount of English language, and a baby on the way. They took a steamboat up the Mississippi River to St. Louis.  Due to the arrival of their baby, they didn’t make it all the way to the possible job, but found themselves in a small German town on the Missouri River named Beatrice, after the stubborn wife of the founder.  The local bar needed help, so Frederick got a job there, which led to him eventually buying it.  The building stayed in the family through three generations and several changes.  At the last, ut becane a Mexican restaurant, still owned by a member of the original family.  This is a good story of a family of true Americans – from another country, but dedicated to America.

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