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A Finders-Keepers Place by Ann Haywood Leal, 272 pages, read by Angie, on 03/03/2013

Esther is eleven years old but has a lot of responsibility. She has to look after her younger sister Ruth, keep track of her mom Valley’s moods and keep the prying eyes of society off of her family. Esther and Ruth don’t always have food to eat or clothes to wear. Valley has moods that make her forget about things like that. She goes through notions like living like the Amish or remodeling their house that don’t always work out. Esther wants to find her father but all she knows about him is that he is a preacher named Ezekiel. So Esther and Ruth attend as many church services as they can to find Ezekiel.

Esther is way more grown up then she should be. She has to take care of her family and her mentally ill mother and make sure no one noses around too much. She can’t always protect Ruth from Valley just as she can’t always protect herself. This is a really heart-warming story about a young girl searching for her father and dealing with her mother’s illness. It is never spelled out what exactly is wrong with Valley but it is clear that she is depressed or bipolar or something. This story shows the resilience of kids and their ability to deal with just about any situation even those they should have to deal with.

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