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A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron, 319 pages, read by Courtney, on 06/08/2013

Here’s one for the dog lovers out there. After a brief and sad life as a stray puppy named Toby, a dog is reborn as Golden Retriever who finds a home with a boy named Ethan and his family. Ethan names the dog Bailey and together, they grow up. When the inevitable happens and Bailey’s time is up, Bailey is shocked to find himself reincarnated as a female German Shepard. All these lives lead this dog to wonder what his purpose on this earth is and what he (or she, in some cases) should do to achieve that purpose.
Told entirely from the dog’s perspective, this is an amusing and heartwarming tale about man’s best friend. It has its rough spots; humanity isn’t always nice or pretty, but Toby/Bailey/Ellie/Buddy always finds a way to make sense of every situation and adapt accordingly. I liked this book well enough, though found it a little too precious for my taste. I am, however, a dog lover and this novel did make me rethink the way I interact with my canine companions. While this book was originally published for adults, it really is appropriate for just about all ages. My middle school kids loved reading and discussing this book, so it could potentially be a fantastic family read aloud(providing the family likes dogs and all).

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