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A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron, 320 pages, read by Andrea, on 05/19/2012

I read this book in one day, it was that good in my opinion. It kept me wondering where the dog in this book would reincarnate to next. It was interestingly written in that the book was narrated by the dog, but to keep things interesting, human conversation and situations were added even though the dog didn’t quite understand exactly what was going on. The dog has an unabashed way of looking at life. Its undying love for pleasing its owners throughout the book is touching. I don’t really care for sappy books, but was pleasantly surprised when I found myself getting drawn into this one.

This book could actually be looked upon as a good life lesson for humans. Like the dog, everyone lives their days often wondering what his or her purpose is in life and why he or she is actually on this earth. Although our situations are much more complex than the dog’s, it also often wondered what role it played in its masters’ lives and why it kept being reincarnated. It was interesting how the dog’s story flowed and eventually came full circle. I laughed out loud in many parts and felt myself tearing up a mere paragraph later. Full of ups and downs and ups again, dog lovers would love this book. I’m not really a huge fan of dogs, but it actually made me look at them in a different light.

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