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A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton, 285 pages, read by Angie, on 02/03/2013

Ari is settling in to New 2 (the old New Orleans). She is recovering from her battle with Athena and trying to figure out how to get her dad and Violet back. She is going to the Novem school and learning more about her abilities. She is dreading turning into a Medusa when she is 21. With her friends Sebastian and Henri she embarks on a dangerous quest into Athena’s dimension.

I like Ari and I enjoyed this book. It does pick up right where the last one ended and the story moves along at a pretty fast pace. I find this world really interesting. New Orleans has basically been bought and saved by a bunch of paranormal families after a goddess destroyed it. I like the Medusa aspect of the story and the different approach to the Greek gods and myths. I guess my complaint about this book is that a LOT happens in a very short amount of time. It feels very rushed and leaves little room for growth and development. But it is a fun ride and I’ll definitely keep reading this series.

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