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1356: A Novel by Bernard Cornwell, 416 pages, read by Eric, on 02/04/2013

The latest in Cornwell’s Grail Quest series of historical fiction, featuring Thomas of Hookton, an English archer during the Hundred Years’ War. 1356 is the year of the battle of Poitiers- a significant conflict, but also one which is not very well known today. Thomas, leader of the deadly archers known as the Hellequin, also is on a quest for la Malice, the sword believed by many to have been St. Peter’s. Regardless of his belief in such a relic, Thomas must fight his way through hostile France in pursuit of it, battling those he has crossed in the past, as well as new enemies in search of the same.

Bernard Cornwell is one of a handful of authors I will read the latest from, no matter the plot. Those familiar with his Sharpe novels will find much the same character in Thomas of Hookton. Honestly, they are nearly interchangeable. Considering Sharpe is a personal favorite, this similarity isn’t a problem for me. Despite my changing tastes in fiction, my enjoyment of Cornwell’s writing hasn’t waned much over the years. His action is second to none, and attention to details as strong as ever.

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