Cool recipes for you

Cool recipes for you by Nancy Tuminelly


It's not impossible for kids with dietary restrictions to find recipes in general-interest children's cookbooks, but it's not easy, either. These titles are a welcome addition. Each one features eight medium-to-easy recipes paired with color photos and bracketed by information about the reasons why people may choose or need to restrict their diet and how to make cooking to these specifications easier. Some ingredients may be unfamiliar to readers not already living a dairy-free or wheat-free life, but chances are that the kitchens in the homes of children with gluten sensitivity, for example, will already contain items like rice flour and xanthan gum. Many recipes call for semi-prepared foods, such as pudding mix or gluten-free pizza sauce, which is perhaps understandable in Wheat-Free and Dairy-Free given the challenges of creating kid-friendly recipes that exclude many common ingredients. Start a conversation and fill an inclusion gap with this series.