National Library Card Sign Up Month

Come into MRRL any day this September and sign up for a new Library Card to get a free book of your choice*. If you smile at the librarian or clerk who helps you get a card, you can pick up a free movie of your choice as well*. The library card is free, the materials are free, the friendly assistance from a librarian is free, the computer use is free and, most of all, the entertainment and education you can pick up at your library is always free.



* free items subject to availablility - though we can put an item on hold for you if we don't have it in and then inform you when it is returned. Items must be returned within 3 weeks (or renewed via online account, phone or in person) or they are no longer free. Information and the hours of entertainment gained by visiting the library are always free and you can keep those for as long as you would like!


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