Smart phone and Tablet Apps that are useful!

There are a couple of governmental apps - freely available - that might prove to be useful to you, no matter what kind of phone or tablet you carry. The one that struck me as the most useful is the "Ask Karen" app. This application lets you ask any kind of food and food safety question you want and answers you from a pretty impressive database of information. For food safety questions, the app has a real live person available from 10am to 4pm (EST) to answer questions about the safety of your food. This app is available from the web (including a mobile optimized site), iOS or Android phones and tablets.

Another app that might not be quite as useful, but promises to be way more pretty is the "NASA App". You get access to NASA's pretty pictures, updates on missions and much more. For those of you who have retina display iPads, I hear the pictures are outstandingly awesome...

An important app in this economy is the "US Jobs" application. In this app (only available for iOS right now), the Office of Personnel Mangement steers interested folks toward open government jobs. If you are job hunting, this is a must-have app!

An app that is particularly appropriate for the back-to-school set is the " Mobile" app. This application is a front-end to the huge database of scientific study data accumulated by the government since 1990. Any question a teacher might think to ask is probably going to be answered in this database. The app isn't just limited to school kids, though! It would be an interesting way to get your questions answered, even if it isn't for a grade. This app has a mobile website, but the application itself only works on the Android platform.

Travel much? In that case, the "My TSA" application might be for you. Available for both iOS and Android, as well as having a mobile web site, this app will answer all of your questions about what you can and cannot bring on planes these days. You can also check on flight delays, security lines and other real-time information directly from your phone or tablet.

Last, but not least, is the "FBI's Most Wanted" app (for iOS only, link goes to iTunes). This app lets you see who the most wanted fugitives are, get information about missing children, submit tips to the FBI and more. 

Of course, a truly useful app is the LibAnywhere app (iTunes, Android), which gives you direct access to your library via your mobile phone. Log in with your MRRL credentials (bar code, name) and get access to your library records, place holds on books, access our databases and more - right from your phone.

Check out some of these apps and become a more informed and safer citizen!

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