Danger Zone series

Danger Zone series by Anara Guard

What if a Stranger Approaches You?

What if There is a Fire?

What if You Get Lost?

What if you Need to Call 911?

This series provides much-needed, realistic safety information for students. The tone is both authoritative and reassuring, providing young readers with the instruction they need in a manner that will not create anxiety. While the situations described can be frightening, the stories feature young characters bringing the potential crisis to a safe resolution. A variety of possible scenarios are explored, giving the reader a better understanding of what to do in multiple situations. Each book has a different illustrator, with varying degrees of effectiveness, but all the books feature realistic, multiethnic characters. "Safety Tips" provide a brief summary of the main points, and are repeated at the end of the book. There is also a small quiz or other assessment activity to reinforce the lessons of the book. Bibliography. Glossary. Index. Candi Pierce Garry, Teacher Librarian, Hamilton High School and Renee Smallwood, Librarian, Crawford Woods Elementary School, Hamilton, Ohio. RECOMME DED Copyright 2012 Linworth Publishing, Inc.