Summer Reading Club - Adult Program 2012

Shared Community Sketchbooks!  As a part of the Adult Summer Reading theme Between the Covers: Books & More, we will circulate 5 community sketchbooks, each with a different theme.  Artists and Non-Artists  you are invited to take a page or 2 and add your personal contribution. You can add text, or doodles, art, or attach some memorabilia  -  you can use pencils, pens, colored pencils, glue, crayons, rubber stamps, or stickers.    Please respect other people’s work.    Have Fun! Come by the reference desk any time to see if one is available for you!
The themes are:
1. Words of Wisdom
2. Colors & Art
3. The Natural World
4. Books & Reading
5. Travel
After reading or listening to 4 titles, you get to choose a free book from our selection of gently
used books. Complete another 4 titles for a total of 8 to finish the program, and you get to choose
another free book, as well as have your name (the slip below) entered into the prize drawings. One
of your options (book or audio) must relate to books, bookmaking, or publishing. Reading the
Capital READ Selection, A Good American by Alex George, counts as 2 titles.
Reading with your family for three hours counts as 1 title.
Questions? Ask at the Reference Desk or call 634-6064 ext. 225. Only one entry per person.
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