Nonfiction for Book Lovers

002 MAN A Reading Diary Manguel, Alberto

002.075 BAR  The Man who loved Books too Much by Bartlett, Allison

002.075 WIL Reading matters: Five Centuries of Discovering Books Willes, Margaret

002.09 DAR  The case for books : past, present, and future by Robert Darnton

011.62 ODE Great Books About Things Kids Love Odean, Kathleen

011.62 OUT Outstanding Books for the College Bound

011.73 BOO   Book Sense Best Books by Book Sense

011.73 ELL A Year of Reading Ellington, Elisabeth

011.73 MAJ 100 One-Night Reads Major, David

011.73 PEA Book Lust Pearl, Nancy

022.3 LAU The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World Laubier, Guillaume de

025.213 FOE  Banned in the USA by Herbert N. Foerstel

028 ADL How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler 

028 DIR Book by Book Dirda, Michael.

028.8 YOU  You've got to read this book! : 55 people tell the story of the book that changed their life compiled by Jack Canfield, Gay Hendricks, with Carol Kline.

028.9 ALT The Pleasure of Reading by Robert  Alter 

028.9 BAS  Every Books its Reader by  Nicholas A. Basbanes

028.9 BAU The Well Educated Mind by S. Wise Bauer

028.9 CAS  Caught in the Act by  Edwin Castagna

028.9 LEV The Little Guide to your Well-read Life Leveen, Steve

028.9 ROS Reading matters: What the Research Reveals About Reading, Libraries, and Community Ross, Catherine Sheldrick

220 ARM  Books that Changed the World (series) by  Karen Armstrong

372.4 HOW How to Help Every Child Become a Reader

686.302 YOU Bookbinding & conservation by hand Young, Laura

802 DIL    Literary Trivia

810.9 BOO  Booknotes : America's finest authors on reading, writing, and the power of ideas by Brian Lamb. 

810.9 HOR The Polysyllabic Spree Hornby, Nick

810.9358 DEL  Required Reading: Why Our American Classics Matter Now by Andrew DelbancoDillon-Malone, A.

814.54 OZI Quarrel & Quandary Ozick, Cynthia

908 ELI To Criticize the Critic Eliot, T.S.