We have moved things around in the Children's Department!

Last week was a very busy week upstairs in the library. There was a lot of shifting and moving of books and rooms, but we are all settled into our new spaces now.

The Teen Zone and the Storyhour Room have switched places. This will give the teens much needed space and allow parents the opportunity to watch storytimes from out in the play area.

The play area has moved to the back of the Children's Department and has been expanded. We have also moved the movies, audiobooks and CDs closer to the front and put the easy readers in a more accessible area.

The teen fiction has moved to the end of the juvenile fiction. This forms a natural progression as the kids move from one level of reading to the next. The teen fiction is right outside the new Teen Zone, which makes it very accessible to the teens.

Come by and check out our new space and tell us what you think. We would love to hear from you.


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