Donor Recognition Policy

The Library offers donor recognition opportunities as part of its fundraising and development program. Such opportunities may include commemorative naming of facilities or parts of facilities, bookmobiles, equipment, furnishings and collections. Final decisions on naming and/or accepting any offers of contributions to name facilities or equipment shall rest with the Board of Trustees. Endowment gifts will be directed to the MRRL Foundation and will be recognized according to the Foundation’s policy.

Approved April 19, 2005 





  • Library facilities may be named or renamed as designated by a donor who makes a significant monetary contribution to the Library. Donors who wish to name such facilities and have the unit bear their desired name exclusively, must provide 50% to 100% of the cost of construction and equipment.


  • Donors who will allow subunits of the facility or site to include other naming opportunities must provide 50% of the cost of construction. In either instance, the "cost of construction" will be the actual cost expended, if the amount of the contribution is negotiated within three (3) years of actual construction, or the current replacement/construction cost if the facility is more than three years old.


  • Other naming opportunities within a facility may include such areas as auditoriums, meeting rooms, special use areas, collections and equipment. Appropriate contributions for such naming opportunities will be determined by square footage cost, actual cost of equipment, on-going operating cost, etc., depending on the specific area or item. Such naming opportunities should be available to donors for 50% to l00% of the actual cost.


  • Commemorative options for the purchase of equipment, shelving, furniture, fixtures, etc. are available to donors for 100% of the actual cost. In the event that such items have already been purchased out of Library funds, a contribution of an equivalent amount to the Library will earn the donor the desired commemorative opportunity.


  • Named facilities or areas within facilities shall bear a plaque citing the role of the donor. Plaques or other commemorative items will be provided by the Library.


  • Named contributions to a bookmobile will be displayed on the rear exterior of the vehicle for a minimum of $10,000.


  • No product logos shall be displayed on the plaque, commemorative item or vehicle.