Children In The Library

Service to children is a major focus of the library’s mission. Children are welcome to use the library at any time it is open. However, the library does not have a specific responsibility to care for, or to watch out for children left unattended in its facilities. Parent or caregiver is responsible for the behavior of their children; teachers are responsible for the conduct of their students while they are in the library for a class visit or tour.
Approved July 20, 2010

 Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times, with exception of special circumstances in the teen zone. Children under 12 are only to be permitted to stay in the Teen Zone at the discretion of Teen Zone staff. If staff should decide that circumstances permit those younger than 12 to stay in the Teen Zone, the child's behavior must be kept under control, and they must have an older sibling or supervising family member present.


If unattended children are left at the library, parent(s)/legal guardian(s) will be notified to pick them up. If a parent cannot be reached, the police will be called to escort them to the police station to be picked up by parent/legal guardian.

Under no circumstances will a library employee or volunteer transport a child from library premises.