Character Plus at the Library

CHARACTERplus is the first county wide initiative to develop character education in EVERY school in Cole County and is dependent upon the participation of all members of our community.

This program was started in 1988 by a concerned group of educators, parents and business leaders who decided that something had to be done about the deterioration of basic values, CHARACTERplus now reaches more than 600 schools in over 100 districts, 25,000 teachers and more than 300,000 students throughout Missouri and Illinois. It is the nation’s largest community-wide initiative in character education.

This initiative started by our community voting on 12 character traits, one for every month of the year. These community values will be prominently placed on banners in every school each month out of the year and teachers will educate on the importance of that months value in their classroom.

October - Respect
November - Politeness
December - Compassion/Kindness
January - Self-Discipline
February - Trustworthy
March - Honesty
April - Dependability
May - Hardworking/Motivation
June - Accountability
July - Forgiveness
August - Integrity
September - Responsibility

Check out the displays and booklists throughout the Library on the current Character Plus Trait: Respect.

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