To MRRL From Interstate 70:

1. From the east, take Highway 54 south to Jefferson City; from the west take Highway 63 2. Take the Main St. exit IMMEDIATELY at the end of the bridge.

3. Turn left onto Main at the light. Follow Main St. to the Capitol.
4. Stay in the right lane. At the top of the hill take a hard right and get in the left lane.
5. At the end of the block turn left on to High St.

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To MRRL From Highway 50:

1. Turn north onto Monroe St. from Highway 50 (right turn if you're arriving from the east, left if you're coming from the west). Monroe Street is the eastern-most traffic light on 50 through town, just west of an overpass.
2. Drive up the hill to High St. (2nd light, 1 block past McCarty).
3. Turn right; the library is at the end of the block, corner of Adams & High St.

If you're driving up from the south on Highway 54, turn east onto 50/63 and proceed with directions above.

Parking is limited. There are spaces in the lot across Adams St. reserved for the library, and 8 30-minute spaces on the north side of the library off the alley. Street parking is available.