Close to Famous-Readalikes


Twelve-year-old Foster McFee and her mother escape from her mother’s abusive boyfriend and end up in the small town of Culpepper, West Virginia, where they use their strengths and challenge themselves to build a new life, with the help of the friends they make there.

Discussion Questions

  1. Close to Famous opens with Foster and her mother being chased out of Memphis by “Elvis” in a yellow Cadillac. What has happened and where are they going?
  2. Why do Kitty and Lester connect with Foster and her mother?
  3. Why do you think Foster idolizes Sonny Kroll?
  4. Why does Foster’s mother returns to Memphis?
  5. Why does Macon react the way he does when Foster meets Miss Charleena?
  6. Is “Angry Wayne” a fitting name for the owner of the diner?
  7. In what ways are Foster and Miss Charleena alike? How do these similarities contribute to their ability to work together?
  8. Foster is haunted by a former teacher’s use of the word “limited” in describing her academic ability. How does Miss Charleena alter that meaning?
  9. How does the small West Virginia town change Foster? What impact does she have on its inhabitants?
  10. How does Foster change throughout the story?

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