Native American Romances

LP RO EAG A View of the River by Kathleen Eagle
LP RO GEN Warrior's Heart by Georgina Gentry
LP RO TAY Lakota Dawn by Janelle Taylor
LP RO TAY Lakota Flower by Janelle Taylor
LP RO TAY Lakota Winds by Janelle Taylor

RO AND Comanche Heart by Catherine Anderson
RO AND Comanche Magic by Catherine Anderson
RO AND Comanche Moon by Catherine Anderson
RO AND Indigo Blue by Catherine Anderson
RO BAK Under Apache Skies by Madeline Baker
RO BLA Black Horse by Veronica Blake
RO CAR Promise Canyon by Robyn Carr


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Magical Realism

Chime by Franny Billingsley


Health Insurance Marketplace

October 1st starts the beginning of the enrollment period for individuals to obtain health insurance through the newly launched Health Insurance Marketplaces, also known as Health Insurance Exchanges. The process of obtaining insurance through the Marketplace varies by state.  Since Missouri  opted out of setting up its own health insurance exchange, and Missouri will be using the federally facilitated Health Insurance Marketplace. How this will affect individual insurance options varies widely depending on how you currently obtain your health insurance.


Horror Novels



The Exocist by William Peter Blatty

A Jesuit priest, unable to find plausible explanations for an eleven-year-old's strange behavior, begins to suspect demonic possession